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I do illustration and graphic design as well, but my real passion is in making comics. Here you'll find links and examples of full comics I've been commissioned to make as well as other comics I'm making as part of a passion project. Take a look, I am proud of all of them, even the rougher looking ones.

A Indomitable_Cover.jpg
CannibalIsland_Cover final.jpg
cover watermark.jpg
Page 1.jpg
Page 0 LRZ.jpg

A short, 3 part experimental series commissioned by Dick Brogden of LiveDead and in association with Life Publishers. A lot of hard work went into these and I am very happy with the end result, give them a look if you are able. 

One of my passion projects; an anthology series of comics meant to experiment with and grow my skills as well as field ideas for larger, full length comics. All are public and free to read, so give them a look-see.

Other Comics

Sam Saint issue 1 cover art (with copywr

My first ever fully fledged comic, made in collaboration with Dr. Dick Gruber and based off his children's ministry character Sam Saint, "Super Sleuth." Originally created to be a prototype for a series of Sam Saint comics it never went beyond this first issue. However, the radio dramatization of the original script was later edited together with the finished comic to make an enjoyable short film, which can be found on youtube (link below). 

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