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Alexander T. Tabor

My name is Alexander T. Tabor, a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, writer, and professional comic artist who enjoys storytelling and comics. I studied at the University of Valley Forge, earning their 4 year degree in Graphic design, and have since supplemented it with my personal study of Illustration, comics and other stuff I like. Though I’m still relatively new to the comic scene, I am always looking at areas to improve my craft and hone my skills further. 

Contact and Social Media

Being a freelancer, I need to be able to communicate with clients. The easiest and best way to get into contact me is by emailing me at:

I also post my public work on various social media. Give it a look below if you're curious.

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You can also support me on Patreon. Supporters get access to exclusive content made by me. Check it out, every dollar helps.

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