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This Time With Feeling: Starting Again from the Ground Up

For everyone, starting again is often hard, but this time I’m happy to say it’s been easy.

People that’ve kept up with me and my work will know that I’ve got about 4-5 stories I’d like to tell, and I decided that I was going to use comics to tell them. My first try went terribly; I wanted to jump right into a 1000+ page epic despite not knowing anything about the medium. I ultimately had to scrap what I had (about 2 years worth of prep work) before deciding to start my Anecdotes series instead. I couldn’t handle large, or even mid-sized stories, so I decided to make a bunch of short ones instead. The Anecdotes stories were to test the waters, grow an audience, and build up skills I needed to grow in. Now, I am happy to say that for the most part, the test worked and I think I am ready to jump back on the horse.

So what’s that mean? It means that I’m going to be making something a little bigger than the 25 page comics I’ve been doing. To do that I’m making my crowdfunding page into a kind of production blog. There I’ll be sharing a lot of the stuff that normally goes into the pre-production, maybe bounce ideas off of people, and most importantly, give myself some deadlines.

On that note, let the first month of pre-production on my currently unnamed project begin! The month of October will be spent on developing the setting of my story. This will include the world, its rules, magic/technology, cultures, continents, nations, etc. with the goal of having a detailed world map by the end of the month (October 2021).

I hope you all enjoy what I make as much as I do and decide to swing by my Patreon to give me your support.

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